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🎶 Oh Christmas Tree 🎶

After breakfast with a winter wonderland view we hit the road. Before we left though Ad tipped the concierge and I thanked him for all the birthday surprises and kindness towards the kids.

We waved goodbye to the Chateau and made our way back past Banff, Canmore and out of the park toward Calgary. We opted to save time and skirted the edge of the city again around to the Hwy 2 and straight south through the little highway towns of Nanton and Claresholm. The roads were clear and dry so we made good time and I directed Ad down some back roads to get the the farm and save us about 50km.

We pulled into Dianne and Fred’s farm and were instantly greeted by their dogs Shiloh and Pearl, half a dozen cats and a rooster! It was a surreal feeling returning. Like I had just popped away for a week and come back.

We settled into McGlynn’s second farm house and our base for the next 3 weeks. After dinner with Freddy, Dianne and their grandson Marcus we turned in and slept like logs.

Marcus was up early the next morning to do chores. A responsibility he takes very seriously and for a 9 year old he is highly capable driving tractors, bale loaders and feeding the 160 odd herd of Angus cattle plus Dianne’s sheep, ducks, geese, chickens and his own newly acquired goats. The boys joined him while Aubs and I visited in the warmth with Dianne.

Later that morning we ventured into Pincher for groceries and met up with Shan’s friends Margo and Harry following them out to a meeting place for a Christmas tree hunting expedition. An annual tradition of many families, we joined the Maine’s and a group of several other local families. What an experience for the kids! Ad and I helped Margo and Harry cut and haul their tree while Marcus emerged from the forest with a small pine for us.

We all warmed up around a campfire at the Maine’s bush cabin with snacks, beers and mulled wine. The party was getting going as we left so we could find our way home before dark and to get back to the farm to finally see Heather Bum Feathers!


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