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Lazy Days in Lethbridge

After the weekend spent at the farm we followed Heather to her place in Lethbridge and spent the next few days while she was at work taking it easy in our bed socks around the fire place between a few small expeditions Christmas shopping, morning tea with Murph, dinner with the Bly’s, a visit to the Department of Agriculture Research Station’s operations section (Heather’s work) and also managed a personal tour of the Perlich Bros Livestock Auction establishment from manager Ken Perlich and sat in on that mornings sale.

Lethbridge is Alberta’s third largest city of approx 93,000 people. During the winter the city looks quite drab. While we were visiting a chinook had blown most of the fresh snow away leaving brown muddy ground on view. We didn’t venture too far out of the city but did cross it several times crossing the coulee each day. The countryside is very unique and picturesque in its own way. The university is particularly interesting with its main building built into the hill and almost invisible.

We’ve noticed the cost of living much the same as Australia with groceries comparative. Milk and diary products noticeably more than home but fuel cheaper at about $1.12/L. Real Estate is 50% of that at home but annual income is about 75% of the Aussie average.


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