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Pincher Perfect Days

We really enjoyed the change of pace in Pincher Creek and enjoyed our days spending time with Heather and her family.

Shan took us to visit some of the places she had worked during her time here like Lebel Mansion and the library. She ran into her old boss at the library who was excited to see her again after all these years and signed the kids up for their very own Pincher Creek Library card so we could lend some books during our stay. We visited the library a few more times during our time in Pincher Creek sometimes parking just outside out of hours so we could FaceTime home. Internet was sketchy at the farm so we had to utilise all the free wifi spots we could.

Christmas Day was spent at the farm. The kids woke early of course to find that Santa visited us leaving presents under our little tree at the farm house. After breakfast we wandered over to the main house to spend the rest of the day eating, sharing gifts, snacking, playing cards, eating some more, working on a 1,000 piece puzzle and eating more!! Ad impressed the crowd with a Bailey’s Toblerone cheesecake and trifle. Apparently we do trifles different to Canadians and we even had to resort to making our custard from scratch being unable to find it at the grocery store.

Boxing Day we drove to St Henry’s. A little country Catholic Church and cemetery perched on top of a hill with the most breathtaking view of the Rockies. It is also the resting place of Heather’s dear brother Dale. With tour guide Heather sitting shotgun we then toured Butcher Lake and Gladstone Valley before circling back through town and home again to the farm.

Prior to leaving Australia we had purchased tickets to a local game of ice hockey. We headed back to Lethbridge Friday night to watch an exhilarating game between the Lethbridge Hurricanes and Calgary Hitmen. Tied 3 all at full time the game when onto overtime with the Hurricane’s shooting the winning goal. The kids had a blast really getting into the spirit of cheering on the home team kitted our in their merchandise.

The following day the weather was so nice that Heather took us all out to Butcher Lake again to try ice fishing. Aubrey wasn’t too sure about walking on the ice as it was particularly slippery but Lioney was more adventurous and loved every moment of it. Unfortunately no fish were caught, a typical fishing trip for the Keens! Lol

We visited with Margo and Harry again for dinner at their home in Pincher Creek. They are planning a trip to Australia in the coming weeks so they were eager to pick our brains on things to see and do. It was nice to catch up and share stories on what we had all been doing over the past few years. Harry recently published a book on his years flying planes in both the North and South Poles. We truly appreciated the hospitality of Margo and Harry and it was lovely for them to meet the kids and share memorable hugs!!

We saw the New Year in at Beaver Mines at the Bly’s cabin. The adults fought to stay awake as the kids ran wild keeping us entertained. Emily and Braden similar ages to Aubrey and Lionel (the boys actually only 6 days apart) became mates very quickly after our initial visit with them in Lethbridge.

In between days were spent at the farm hanging out with Bum Feathers, Fred, Dianne and Marcus enjoying farm life, playing cards and eating The three kids were inseparable most of the time except for choring time when Marcus would zoom off on his quad, dog in tow to do his morning and evening feeding. One of his goats had triplets a few days before we left. The nanny abandoned the smallest so little Olaf (Aubrey and Lionel’s choice of name) was brought into the house for some warmth and TLC and by morning was recovering and gaining strength. The kids loved taking turns bottle feeding, Lionel particularly.

On our last night we met up again with Harry & Margo, as well as the McGlynn’s for dinner at the Bright Pearl Chinese Restaurant, a Pincher Creek institution and must visit if you ever happen to be in this quaint little town. The owners Jason and Jade remembered Shan and joined in on some photos before we had to head home for a final round of rummy with Heather Bum Feathers.


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