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Tobogganing is Fun

We had another crack at star gazing, waking at 6am and venturing to Pyramid Lake again. Still no luck however and came home again for breakfast. Once it was light we bundled into the car and drove to Maligne Lake. Thanks to Shan’s eagle eye we got to stop and watch a moose. Moose are quite elusive and unlike elk or deer whom stay together in pods they prefer a solitary life.

We stopped in at the Jasper Park Lodge for some lunch and relaxed in the warmth taking in the magnificent view and grandeur of the hotel.

Afterwards we drove to Pyramid Lake again this time in the daylight and stopped to explore Pyramid Lake Island. We could have walked across on the ice but opted for the quaint bridge.

We filled the rest of the afternoon wandering around town and then an early dinner at Jasper Brewing Co. The kids happily colouring in while Ad and I tried some beers. Our top picks were the Blueberry Vanilla Ale and Jasper the Bear Honey Ale.

The following day we returned to Jasper Park Lodge for some traditional winter fun tobogganing. We had an absolute ball both young and old. It was a lot of hard work though dragging the kids up the hill on their sleds repeatedly for a few seconds of downhill exhilaration but it was totally worth it.

Exhausted after our morning workout we spent the afternoon at our hotel pool, hot tub and sauna and had a lazy dinner of take out pizza in our room so we could pack ready for our early departure to Lake Louise the following day.


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